Monday, July 11, 2011


My little cousin's outfit - absolute LOVE!

Blurry, I know. But I think I like it

Fourth of July in NYC? I'm alright with that!

Some flamingos at the Bronx Zoo!

More flamingos...

My little cousin and sister

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great week and an even better summer!
I haven't posted for the past week since I've been on vacation in NYC ! Sorry about that :P
But the good news is that now that I'm back, I have plenty of pictures and adventures to share with you guys!
The city was absolutely amazing.
Playgrounds and strolls through city parks, thrills at amusement parks, afternoon lake boat trips, water fountains and water balloons, late-night moonlit walks, zoo trips, train rides, antique buildings, Fourth of July picnics, carnivals, fireworks, museums all day long (complete with Alexander McQueen exhibits!!!), Times Square at night, Broadway shows, thrift-store shopping, fashion & style all around, breathtaking cityscapes, cab rides,even soaking up sun on the beach!
There is nothing you can’t do in New York City. That’s settled.
I have fallen in LOVE. With a PLACE. Is that even possible?!?
Anyways! Hope you enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to check back tomorrow! I’ll probably post the rest then; there’s just too many for one post :D

But that’s it for today!
Keep on being beautiful!

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