Sunday, July 3, 2011

Statement Pants

This is something I wrote a while back for Claire's, but it's so important I had to post it again here. Enjoy!

This post includes something really, really, really important to me: these pants. I absolutely adore them, but it’s more about what they represent for me.

I was actually born in Europe, in a country called Romania. Most people usually know it by the mention of Dracula and how he “lived there,” but the country has more to it than an old myth.

We Romanians pride our country (and I’m speaking from experience here! Haha!) on anything and everything—from the beautiful sights, to the fantastic food, to the warm, welcoming people…the list goes on and on. The atmosphere back there is just incredible! There is no need for friends because everyone is so close they’re practically siblings!

And don’t even get me started on the fashion! Since it’s in the heart of Eastern Europe, Romania is close to all of the great fashion capitals of the world. The clothes and accessories are to die for!

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  1. cool post! so awesome that you're romanian, i had no idea! one of my friends is bulgarian :) such cool pants.. i dont think i could pull them off haha